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California Dreamin’ Scented Intention Prayer Candle

California Dreamin’ Scented Intention Prayer Candle

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California Dreamin' Scented 7-Day Serenity Prayer Candle

Experience the California Dreamin' Serenity intention candle, scented with a refreshing sea aroma and infused with genuine amethyst crystals. This candle captures the essence of waves crashing on a rocky coast, with a distant storm looming. The fragrance combines notes of lemon, orange, ozone, sea salt, jasmine, powder, light musk, violet, and cedar.

Made with 16 ounces of natural soy wax and adorned with authentic amethyst crystals, these candles offer a modern twist on traditional prayer candles. Use them during meditation, spiritual practices, or moments of reflection to create a serene and mindful atmosphere. Remember to focus your intentions when lighting the candle for the first time.

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