Chocolate Chip Brownies 4.4 oz Blue & Coral Mandala Candle.

Chocolate Chip Brownies 4.4 oz Blue & Coral Mandala Candle

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Scent- Chocolate Chip Brownies 

Warm, gooey baked goodness that's full of brown sugar, vanilla extract, butter and chocolate chips.
You can smell the baked crispness of the outside and the soft, yummy chewiness of the inside.  Just like a Toll House cookie!

Cute mandala bohemian décor tin. Made with a lead/zinc free cotton wicks. No dyes used. Soy wax candle scented with premium fragrance oil.  Only soy blends and natural  vegetable-based waxes used. Phthalates, parabens, and sulfate free. Estimated burn time is 20-25 hours. This retro European style candle-tin can also be reused for decoration, storage, or another candle. Metal Tin: 2.5" (widest point) x 2". Wax weight 6 oz. Volume 4.4 oz.