Coming Soon! Whimsical Wax Art- Crystal & Herb Infused Candles

We are excited to announce a new candle collection coming soon!
Whimsical Wax Art- Created by infusing & topping soy candles with natural flowers, herbs, and crystals.
We will be using dried pressed flowers, and herbs, to hand decorate the tops of these enchanted candles. We dry and press our own flowers during the spring and summer seasons. The crystals we use are authentic, natural gemstones. Each crystal has its own properties & uses. We have many crystals on hand, including: cherry quartz, turquoise, amethyst, and tourmaline. These add a pop of color to the centerpiece. We will be using different vessels (ex. luxury tins, dough bowls, and more) for this new collection. 
These candles are made to be decorative items; versus traditional/functional candles. These non-traditional candles are infused with dried herbs, flowers, & authentic crystals-these items can be flammable. For safety reasons, if you choose to burn these candles, they need to be well supervised when lit. Please note, lighting the candle wicks will change the overall look of the candle & debris can float to the bottom and/or clog the wicks. 

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